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The frog

who travels around
the world

A colorful and funny game
easy to play but very challenging

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Hi folks! This is our very first game, it would be great and really helpful if you want to share suggestions or critics. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+!

Gameplay video trailer

The Frog Who Travels is a one touch mobile game. It's funny and entertaining, but don't expect an easy game... it will really test your abilities!

You can play in three different game modes, find the one that fits best your enjoyment:

  • Easy mode: a jump power bar will help you
  • Classic mode: no help, it will be all in your hands
  • Time mode: no time to pause and think, hurry up! (for hardcore gamers only)
Jump frog! Jump!!

The Frog who travels around the world

6+ different landscapes

Hang around with the frog on its journey accross the world passing through the most various, bizarre and colorful landscapes!

Free to play

Play free of charge! All the game contents are achievable without spending a cent. And if ads annoy you, any purchase is enough to get rid of them!

Game Services

Login with your Google Play (Android) or Game Center (iOS) account and sync all your highscores, achievements and purchase data between all your devices with a simple click!


Save your highscores online and face friends and other players. Will you be able to rise in ranking? Three different leaderboards, one for each game mode.


Challenge yourself, accomplish all the 30+ missions and take all the XP points you can get, it will be easy to level-up!


Any issue? Notify us a bug or simply send us suggestions of any kind, we'll be happy to hear from you ;)

Jump frog! Jump!!


Jump frog! Jump!!


Play it on every device!

Finally The Frog Who Travels is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can play it with your smartphone or with your tablet, as you wish ;)

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Soon available on iOS

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